Amac Gardens was established by Angus Macintosh in 1999. Angus and his team have been providing quality service to customers for the past 11 years.

Angus has had a longstanding enjoyment of gardening. As a child he was influenced by his mother’s gardening skills that she used to create beautiful gardens around the family home.

Angus began his career in the horticultural industry in 1994, working as a groundsman for an arborist and later as a tree lopper, while studying Arboriculture at TAFE.

In 1999 Angus decided to start his own property maintenance company after he became aware of the need in the industry for a consumer friendly gardening service to help people maintain their gardens.

Angus studied Horticulture (Landscaping) at TAFE in 2000 and since then he has been expanding his business to landscaping and built up a solid reputation with his customers.